ACB Advocacy Update
October 6, 2022

Accessible Voting and Voter Engagement

As we head into the Mid-term elections, Clark and Swatha speak with Rylin Rodgers (Disability Policy Advisor at Microsoft) and Whitney Quesenbery (Executive

Director for the Center for Civic Design) about the work both organizations are doing to make voting accessible for individuals with disabilities. we discuss the work the Center for Civic Design is doing to make finding accessible voting information easier to access, the work Microsoft is doing in this space and why corporate engagement is important in voting advocacy, and the idea of democracy being a design problem. To find out more about the Center for Civic Design, visit Center for Civic Design To access the Accessible Voting Index, visit Accessible voting - Your guide to a private and independent voting experience To find out more about Microsoft’s voting advocacy work, visit Microsoft On the Issues - News and perspectives on legal, public policy and citizenship topics

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