ACB Advocacy Update

Accessible Pedestrian Signals in the City of Chicago – Part 1

May 4, 2023

Episode Notes

On this episode of the ACB Advocacy Update, Clark and Swatha speak with Madeleine Reichman, an attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, on a recent federal court case and ruling regarding Chicago’s failure to install accessible pedestrian signals (APSs) for its blind and low vision residents and visitors at its more than 2800 signalized intersections. The case involved both DRA and the American Council of the Blind of Metropolitan Chicago, a chapter of the Illinois Council of the Blind. We discuss how the case came about, what the decision ruling Chicago is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act means for the city and other cities across the country, and what comes next for DRA and the city of Chicago. 

If you need legal assistance from Disability Rights Advocates, you may email [email protected] or call (510) 665-8644.

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