ACB Advocacy Update
October 5, 2022

James Webb Space Telescope Accessibility with STScI

Episode Notes

The scientists, writers, and educators from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) want to make space accessible for everyone, and have created vividly detailed alt text for every photo that has been released from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. ACB’s advocacy team, Clark Rachfal and Swatha Nandhakumar, are joined by Dr. Kelly Lepo, STScI Education and Outreach Scientist, Claire Blome, STScI Principal Science Writer, and Timothy Rhue II, STScI Informal Science Educator, during this presentation to discuss how their team have collaborated with one another to make the Webb images accessible to people who are blind and low vision. Learn more about the panelists for this event.

Experience the breathtaking images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope and share in the joy and enthusiasm of space during this engaging event!

Access the full image descriptions for the James Webb Space Telescope in the First Images Gallery under “Download Options” for each photo.

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